A herbal cleaning concentrate ideal for pigeon fanciers – Multihysan!


Take care of your pet with Reico. We offer a sensational plant cleaning concentrate for hygiene in animal rooms and for disinfecting household appliances. Multihysan.

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Advantages of Multihysan

  • Due to the content of natural essential oils, Multihysan aims to eliminate and reduce the number of pests in the house and yard, and not to kill them directly.
  • By adding apple cider vinegar, the aromatic effect of the essential oils has been enhanced.
  • Apple cider vinegar and natural turpentine (from pine oil) reduce germs.
  • The composition of this product is similar to the preparation “Fluidhysan” marketed in France, which is approved and successfully used in organic farming.
  • The product is soluble in water like a detergent.
  • Depending on the needs, the detergent is used in the recommended concentration in the washing water.
  • It can penetrate into (soil) materials and thus achieve a certain lasting effect which is refreshed by contact with water.
  • In animal husbandry, it prevents the spread of pathogens.
  • It can also be used in a low concentration (5%) for air cleaning by spraying in stables. The effectiveness has been proven in practice.
  • After 30 minutes of contact with the preparation, the maximum disinfection and cleaning effect is achieved.
Multihysan pigeons

It is also very common in private households or among rabbit, dog, guinea pig and bird (pigeon) breeders.

  • replaces almost all chemical cleaning agents,
  • cleans breeding rooms,
  • it is added to drinking water for animals.

Multihysan (formerly Fluidhysan) is a cleaning concentrate based on essential oils with a broad spectrum of activity. The preparation was developed to ensure hygiene in breeding rooms. It is often underestimated because it is very versatile.

Possible applications (you will find examples of applications and customer experiences using Multiysan, among others):

  • Multihysan provides a stable and healthy animal population, such as pigeons, rabbits, chickens, exotic animals, etc.
  • In order to prevent and eliminate fungi, parasites, pests, bacteria and to prevent diseases, it is recommended to regularly use the agent in stables, cages, aviaries and by adding the preparation to drinking water.
  • The measure prevents many diseases among poultry and pigeons. It also helps prevent salmonella.

Ways of using the agent:

Disinfection of drinking water in piglet breeding as an alternative to antibiotics etc.

  • 1 liter of Multihysan for 30,000 liters of water. Multihysan replaces the chlorine in the pool to protect the skin and the environment.

30% solution of Multihysan.

  • Replaces chemicals in a chemical toilet, e.g. in a caravan.

20% Multihysan solution.

  • For cleaning and disinfection (also against mites) of the loft, pigsty and hen house (suitable for almost all breeding rooms),
  • For cleaning windows without streaks, even in direct sunlight,
  • To wash the car, spray the car about 15 minutes before washing, and you will easily remove the remains of dead insects,
  • Add to the laundry and all stains will disappear with the first wash (please do not add the preparation to each wash, otherwise microorganisms in the sewage treatment plant will be killed),
  • Removes stubborn sweat stains from clothes, just add a glass of washing preparation,
  • As a defense against snails, in the fight against aphids, protection of plants, e.g. roses on the terrace,
  • For cleaning cages, terrariums and litter boxes,
  • In case of flu, hang a soaked cloth in the room, in the stable / pigsty, etc.
  • foot / hoof / paw bath (chlorine substitute),
  • For indoor cleaning of veterinary practices or alternative / natural medicine practices,
  • For cleaning transport containers, dog kennels, litter boxes,
  • For cleaning toilets in public places / companies etc.
  • Spray the preparation on mattresses and bedding, and then shake it (works against mites),
  • Fighting mold at home (also in living quarters),
  • To combat mold on leather goods, horse harnesses, boots, etc.
  • In summer, spray the bio-waste container once every day – it prevents the development of larvae and other vermin,
  • For cleaning rims, Mix Multihysan with hot water and pour this still hot solution down the drain to clear clogged pipes or eliminate bad smells. Leave it on for approx. 30 minutes, then rinse with hot water.

10% Multihysan solution:

  • Spread the solution on the dog, leave it for 45 minutes, and then wash the animal with dog shampoo. After this treatment, you can comb even the most felted hair of a dog,
  • It fights lice. Rub into the hair for 45 minutes, then wash the hair and head with shampoo and comb the hair (at the same time brush the nits out of the hair),
  • Toothbrush disinfection,
  • Multihysan is also suitable for cleaning air from steel,
  • Against fungi, even against mycosis in humans,
  • Air purification, avoiding rabbit cold and mite infestation,
  • Multihysan is also suitable for air disinfection, e.g. it eliminates nicotine smell,
  • Helps horses to treat summer eczema
  • To inhibit the growth of vermin, bathroom silverware, etc.
  • To clean drains: pour very hot water mixed with Multihysan into the drain to eliminate unpleasant odors and bacteria. The wires will be cleaned,
  • It helps in the treatment of typical wounds (e.g. after burns).

5% Multihysan solution.

  • For air disinfection, e.g. in a hen house (with such a weak solution, the hens may even remain in the hen house),
  • Sore throat and tonsillitis (gargling) to avoid taking antibiotics,
  • Helps in the treatment of aphthae very well,
  • A sprinkled curtain or cloth prevents attacks of mosquitoes and flies in summer,
  • On the skin of animals, e.g. chickens, pigeons or guinea pigs, it prevents the development of mites.

A few drops of Multihysan.

  • Add a few drops of Multihysan to hot water, and then inhale the vapors of the solution for 5-10 minutes. This helps, for example, in the treatment of bronchitis.

0.1% multihysan solution.

  • add 0.1% of Multihysan solution to the water in the drinker for rabbits and pigeons – animals will not get Endocolitis (enteritis),
  • the addition of Mutihysan – an extract of pure essential oils – to the drinking water of animals supports a healthy intestinal flora and builds the acid-base balance in the digestive tract. Effectively prevents harmful bacteria and germs and regulates the pH value in water to the optimal level (for rabbits).

See the MultiHysan product presentation

Multihysan contains natural essential oils. This is to eliminate and reduce the number of pests in the household.

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Multihysan capacity

This Multihysan is available in three variants.

0.5 liters

100% concentrate. Undiluted.

  • Product shipped from Germany.
  • Straight from the MANUFACTURER.
  • Official REICO Partner.
  • Catalog No. 4028

1 liter

100% concentrate. Undiluted.

  • Product shipped from Germany.
  • Straight from the MANUFACTURER.
  • Official REICO Partner.
  • Catalog No. 4027

When buying 1 liter – you save 10%

5 liters

100% concentrate. Undiluted.

  • Product shipped from Germany.
  • Straight from the MANUFACTURER.
  • Official REICO Partner.
  • Catalog No. 4026

When buying 5 liters – you save 30%

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